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Copyright & the Internet Age: Part 1

When I laid out a plan for what kind of blog this would be, I envisioned one of the categories being poetry discussion and analysis. When planning my post on Mary Oliver’s poem “Wild Geese,” I found myself wondering how much of a poem I am legally allowed to quote and analyse. In my research, […]

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25 Years of Internet

I recently posted on the iCIMS Hire Expectations Institute to celebrate the internet’s 25th birthday, and, specifically, what the internet and increased connectivity in general has meant for job seekers. My own personal relationship with the Internet has proven to be even more complicated. When I was studying education, it seemed unwise to have a […]

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Wild Geese – Mary Oliver

Here’s a legitimate-looking link to the text. The text is also in the Youtube description of the video. Listen. And then hit replay and listen again. I have only read a few of Mary Oliver’s poetry books, but I’ve read enough to know that her way of thinking speaks to me. “Wild Geese” is my […]

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