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Looking for a Job? Here’s Where to Start

Looking for a job can be overwhelming, especially if you are looking for your first job or returning to the workforce after a period of unemployment. Fortunately, employers are looking to hire, and iCIMS has some inside scoop on what employers want to see.

In one of my more exciting projects for the iCIMS Hire Expectations Institute, I teamed up with designer Sam Hartung to create an eBook for job seekers. It’s 16 pages of research-rich information to help job seekers figure out where to start their job search when they’re looking for a job. Here are a few behind-the-scenes facts, and you can click on the eBook link below to read more!

Looking for a job if you’ve never had one before

Have you considered targeting specific industries? This eBook highlights which industries tend to have more jobs available. In fact, iCIMS Hire Expectations Institute research found that these industries have proportionately more jobs regardless of hiring season. It may be worth considering how your unique skills might serve organizations in the industries featured on page 4.

If you’re looking now, you’re in luck–organizations also tend to hire more people across the board during particular seasons. This eBook features a graph that compares job postings, candidate applications, and hires. While job postings and candidate applications go hand in hand (that is, in months where there are more job postings, there tend to be more applications), hires are disproportionately seasonal. Check it out on page 5.

Looking for a job because it’s time to advance your career

If you are ready to move on in your career, don’t wait to find the perfect job post. A shocking percentage of jobs are “secret” jobs. These jobs are never posted externally. So iCIMS Hire Expectations Institute researched the ways in which other job seekers have gotten jobs so that you can benefit from others’ successes.

Networking is important. The statistics prove that you are more likely to get in the door if you know someone. But never fear–the second most significant source of these hires is available to everyone. Turn to page 9 for more information about successful ways to get noticed, and remember to actively promote yourself using the tools on page 10.

Looking for a job if you’re been unemployed

If you’re unemployed, it can be frustrating to listen to advice that’s not based on fact. iCIMS Hire Expectations Institute surveyed 450+ recruiters to get the real scoop. Read the recruiter suggestions and iCIMS Hire Expectations Institute’s actionable advice starting on page 11. This information may help you get back to work.

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This eBook written for job seekers and employees provides research-driven information for those looking for a job to start a successful job hunt.