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Take Care of Yourself

I recently wrote an article for iCIMS about the importance of structure and self-care as part of a successful job search. Taking care of yourself is especially important during a job hunt; it can be stressful to add job hunting onto an already-busy work schedule, and for those who are not yet employed there’s a correlation between length of unemployment and likelihood that someone would report signs of poor psychological well-being.

However, self-care is an important topic that goes far beyond the job hunt. At one point a number of years ago, I was working my first full-time job, and I noticed that I was letting myself get caught up in my inconsistent work schedule and losing sight of what was really important to me.

So I made a list on a scrap of paper (which I still have, 5 years later) and taped it to the wall beside my bed:

This list served as a little reminder of what I needed to do to feel motivated and inspired. Sometimes, it served as a schedule, reminding me to go on a walk before work and read before bed.

If I were adding to my list today, I would certainly also include FRIENDS. After all, self-care doesn’t need to be a solitary undertaking, and connecting with loved ones is another key element to happiness.