Eileen Kern

Writer, Teacher, Speaker

Sad Song Saturday: The Value of Stories and Public Sadness

I recently attended a party called “Sad Song Saturday.” A musician friend decided it would be a hoot to invite her friends to sing the saddest songs they could imagine. The night featured old standbys and new compositions (as well as a lot of talent spanning several generations). The party was an incredible hit–attendees easily […]

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Looking for a Job? Here’s Where to Start

Looking for a job can be overwhelming, especially if you are looking for your first job or returning to the workforce after a period of unemployment. Fortunately, employers are looking to hire, and iCIMS has some inside scoop on what employers want to see. In one of my more exciting projects for the iCIMS Hire […]

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Personal Photography in Three Acts

Act I: Nostalgia and Photo-Technology When I was a child, I had this great pink camera. It required film and had a fixed lens. Most of the time, if I was trying to shoot something at least 5-10 feet away from me, it came out okay. I was always puzzled–understanding nothing about how cameras work–when […]

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